Appleton Schools held a joyous graduation affair to celebrate the PP2 Graduands from Kilimani School. The ceremony was a heartwarming sight, and it was a pleasure to observe the graduands’ enthusiasm as they celebrated their accomplishments.

It was an honor to have Mrs. Keziah Saoli at our PP2 graduation ceremony as our Chief Guest. Mrs. Keziah Saoli is the Quality Assurance and Standards Officer at the Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC). Her presence added a touch of elegance and importance to our occasion.

Mrs. Saoli gave a short but inspiring speech, in which she congratulated the graduating learners on their achievement. She encouraged them to continue working hard and to always strive for excellence. She also advised parents/guardians on the importance of always following up on the growth of their children mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally in order to ensure that their children grow up healthy and happily. Her words were met with applause from the learners and their families.

We are grateful to Mrs. Saoli for taking the time to attend our graduation ceremony and for her kind words of encouragement.