It was with great joy and pride that we celebrated the season of giving in 2022 by providing donations to the Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Ngong.

Founded by Mr. Joe Njoroge also well known as ‘Njoro’, The Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is an admirable endeavour that seeks to provide aid and support to young boys living in poverty and struggling with drug addiction in the Ngong community. This organization is a beacon of hope for those in need, and its mission to rehabilitate and empower these individuals is to be commended.

Joe is considered a true hero in the community, having dedicated himself to rescuing boys from the streets and mentoring them. He has provided many young boys with the guidance and support they need to find their paths and lead sober lives. By providing these boys with the necessary resources, Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is helping to break the cycle of poverty and addiction and create a brighter future for the community.

The Appleton Fraternity was delighted to be able to share with the less fortunate, and we are deeply humbled by the opportunity to give back to our community. We are confident that these donations will make a positive impact in the lives of these boys, and we are grateful to have the chance to make a positive difference.

Our team for this activity consisted of four members from both Ngong and Kilimani branches: Ms. Agnes Amondi, the Head Teacher of the Pre-Primary School; Allan Musila, the Media and Communications Officer; Meja Kisia, the Driver; and Robinson Vucheri, also a Driver.