Appleton Schools was first founded in Kilimani by Its Managing Director Ms. Benedicta Kittakah in 2008. The school has since then grown from having only 3 learners since inception and now boasts of over 300 learners overall including a second branch in Ngong. As we continue to grow in accordance with our mission, we aim to consistently provide a safe, caring, friendly and secure learning environment to nurture all our learners.


Appleton School is an institution with a highly successful track record in the establishment and management of high-quality education. We pride ourselves with our high academic standards incorporated with extensive co-curricular programs. In addition to offering CBC learning, Appleton School assimilates Montessori learning to enhance the learners’ developmental achievement.


To be a leader in the early years of learning at a Montessori School in the East African Region


To prepare all our learners with academic and essential life skills that foster self-confidence and eagerness for learning, all in a safe and friendly environment.

Core Values

  • E – Excellence
  • A – Accountability
  • R – Respect
  • T – Team Work
  • H– Honesty/ Integrity

Motto and Goal

  • Our Motto – Believe in yourself
  • Our Goal – Nurture. Creative. Fun

At Appleton Schools, we aim to create an environment for the learners to be in line with our goals;

  • Nurture – To care and support the learner as he/she is growing up
  • Creative – To give the learner space to generate ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining themselves and others.
  • Fun – We provide an environment where the learners are able to enjoy their learning at Appleton Schools.


We will endeavour to create a well guided and holistic individual who will be able to proceed with further learning in any school. Backing our mission, we will provide relevant learning materials and books, teach technology, encourage creativity through art and teach social skills through practical life learning and outdoor activities.