In pursuant to our mission, we always provide a safe, caring, friendly and secure learning environment for all our learners. We will endeavour to create a well guided and holistic individual who will be able to proceed with further learning in any school. Backing our mission, we will provide relevant learning materials and books, teach technology, encourage creativity through art and teach social skills through practical life learning and outdoor activities.

The two unique experiences we offer children at Appleton Schools are a chance to:

  1. Be cared for by someone who is not a family member and
  2. Be with a stable group of children to build relationships with over time.

It is useful for children to have some experience in both of these circumstances before they reach school, particularly now when lower primary schools are becoming more structured and academic. Having the experience of being cared for by an adult outside the family gives children a chance to begin to learn that the world is a safe and nurturing place.

They learn that they can get their needs met and desires known to someone else besides a parent. If children have a chance to learn this before school, they will have entered school with the confidence that their teacher will be a resource to them.

They can survive without their parent or guardian. Equally important, is building relationships with a stable group of children over time which helps children learn how to communicate, solve problems, negotiate and work together.