Grade 1 (Class of 6 to 7 years)

  1. Devotion and circle time – News telling, Bible stories
  2. Language – missing letters, pink series, pink sentences and pictures, blue series materials, matching blue words and pictures, word lists, sentence cards and storybooks, green series materials
  3. Number work – Cards and counters, numeral cards, counting with numeral cards and beads, addition subtraction division, fraction , time ,length
  4. Technology – Computer studies is a core activity in primary school.
  5. Culture – body parts, care of body, sink and float, magnetism, puzzle map of the world, parts of a plant.
  6. Art and craft – moulding, cutting and pasting objects, drawing and painting
  7. Practical life – dressing frames, care of self, cutting exercises, pasting and gluing,
  8. Sensorial – color box 3, arranging dark to light colors, touch fabrics, baric tablets(blind folds), sound boxes , matching sounds, smelling jars, geometrical solids, tessellations, construction triangles