PP1 (Class of 4 to 5 years)

Here,children use real objects to increase precision and concentration.

  1. Devotion and circle time – This includes praying, singing, dancing, telling bible stories, introduction and greetings, reciting days of the week, months of the year
  2. Language – Matching sound to pictures, sound to sound, pictures to pictures colouring pictures, sounds recognition a-z, modelling, reading three letter words, naming pictures, scribbling with crayons, pattern writing, letter formation
  3. Number work – Formation of numbers, number value, writing numbers, counting 0-30 and beyond, simple addition and subtraction, colouring, feeling numbers, joining the dots, number rods, sequin boxes,decimals
  4. Technology – Chidren are encouraged to learn and work with computers
  5. Pattern work – this is where children are taught how to do different patterns like zigzag, wavy, straight line, circles
  6. Practical work – use of work space, handling apparatus like scissors, cutting along straight/curved/zigzag lines, sharpening pencils, tracing objects, dressing frames, expression of needs, carrying materials
  7. Sensorial – Touching tablets and fabrics, pink towers, long stairs ,broad stairs, colour boxes 1 and 2.This helps in differentiating sizes and weight, how to hold with fingers the small cubes, how to grasp the largest cube, controlling arms and fingers so that tower doesn’t fall, and has the good feeling of completing the task.
  8. Culture – Sorting with a magnet, sink and float filtration, sieving, blowing bubbles, nature walks and excursions, care of plants, body parts, birds
  9. Art and craft – hand printing, colouring, use of objects

PP2 (Class of 5-6 years)

  1. Devotion and circle time – News telling, Bible stories
  2. Language – reading and writing four letter words, double sounds blend, creative writing, spelling, copying and reading sentences, make words, capital letters A-Z, name and draw pictures
  3. Number work – Missing numbers, shapes, arranging from small to big and vice versa, addition and subtraction, tens and ones, naming numbers, writing numbers in words
  4. Technology – Chidren are encouraged to learn and work with computers
  5. Practical life – table manners, serving and sharing food, care of self, sweeping
  6. Sensorial – Binomial cubes, trinomial cubes, geometric solids, stereo gnostic exercises, constructive triangles
  7. Kiswahili – Herufi kubwa na ndogo,vokali, kutunga maneno, kujaza pengo, maumbo, silabi, nambari, imla, wanyama wa nyumbani na pori
  8. Culture – domestic and wild animals, compass,continents,senses,time
  9. Art and craft – colouring, printing, making objects

NB: Physical education includes free race, bottle hockey, kangaroo race, obstacle/passing bottles, singing games, relay, bean bag race, football, spooning race etc